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About Us

Faith Community Church - Proclaiming Christ – Serving Others – 2 Corinthians 4:5

Who We Are

Faith Community Church is a welcoming community of people seeking to
connect with God and with each other. We are a fellowship of disciples who are committed to making and maturing more disciples. If you are wondering if you are welcome here, you are! We are the perfect church for imperfect people! We are a safe place for the broken and suffering to come and receive the hope and care of Jesus Christ.

We hope this website gives you some insight into who we are as a gathering of those who believe in the life-giving teachings of Jesus Christ. All of our ministries aim at connecting people with God and God’s people with each other.

Our services offer great theological music and practical expositional teaching. Music is an important part of our time together. We see it as a way to express our faith together in unison, and a way of connecting our affections with what we believe. Our band may look different every week but we focus on the content of our songs far more than the musical style.

The Bible is central to everything we do at Faith Community Church, so it’s no surprise that we dedicate a significant portion of our service to preaching. Normally, we’re working section-by-section through a book of the Bible, and each message is around 35-40 minutes in length. Beginning September 18, we will be working our way through the challenging epistle of James. That series will carry us through this semester and well into the next one!

If there is anything that we can ever do to assist you as you seek to walk the narrow road, please let us know.