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Life Groups

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Life Groups

Doing life together

Life Groups are made up of 8-14 people who meet regularly for a time of planned sharing, study, prayer, and in some groups, worship through music. They generally last for about an hour and a half and several have light refreshments at some point during their time together. Some groups have other social events for their group and/or have done service projects together. Those might involve any number of things, from offering financial support, to providing meals after surgery, to helping someone with a need!

How do I join?

Joining a group can be a challenge. Some groups are established with little space available. Some groups have room but can take one or two more. Most groups are formed from connections with people
they already know. IF you have a few friends or acquaintances from FCC, ask them to start a group with you. Call the Office at 360 354- 0536 and let them know your contact info. If you know no one from FCC, then call the Office to find a group. If you are interested in a High School Life Group, contact Pastor Danny.

What do they study?

Most groups work through the Life Group questions found on the back side of the sermon notes based on the Sunday morning message. Other groups have worked through topical studies or workbooks or videos that have been approved by leadership. Each group can decide what’s best for them.

Where and When do they meet?

Each group determines what’s best for them – when to meet and how often. Most groups meet from September to May, with some choosing to meet during the summer. Some groups meet at one house with a different facilitator and some groups rotate homes with one facilitator always leading. It’s up to the groups to decide.

What does it cost?

FREE with a commitment to make regular attendance a top priority. At the end of each year, you have the choice of recommitting for another year, trying a new group, or taking a break from groups for the time being.

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